Sunday, October 22, 2006

North Korea

Events out of the Korean Peninsula are rather scary lately. The North Korean regime (The Democratic People's Republic of) has fired missiles and detonated a nuclear bomb. It may be time to engage this cutie pie
Kim Jong-Il one on one and see if tensions can be calmed.

The Chinese and South Koreans do not want this regime to collapse because of the refugee crisis they will be confronted with. The Chinese also like having a buffer against the US allied South Korea as well as the DPRK's habit of giving the US the finger. The DPRK also has the US's attention. This keeps it off of Taiwan, much to China's liking. The South is concerned about the enormous financial and social cost of unification. Ask Germany. I say the regime will collapse. What will the US/South Korea do? Will the Chinese send troops in to restore order and install a friendly puppet government?

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