Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekly Check in

Beer brought to you (me?) again by Heineken
News brought to me by Nancy Pender

Music by:

Beatles: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (mono Mix) Punchier version of the LP. The Beatles themselves attended the mono mix sessions, but not the Stereo

Quiet Riot: Quiet Riot I: Raw and underproduced debut from an LA Metal legend. You can see however how Randy Rhodes and Kevin DuBrow developed their skills in this genre

Led Zeppelin: LZ I, II, II, IV & Houses of the Holy.- 70's Masters of AOR.

CNBC gives me wood for 2 reasons: 1, the drama of the financial markets and the gorgeous women who work there. "Fast Money" was in Chicago on Friday, I should have gone

Women of CNBC part 1:

Maria Bartiromo: An uncommonly beautiful woman who has uncommon talent as an anchor/reporter. Does anyone care about Dylan's hair?

Erin Burnett: Beautiful woman who does a great "AFLAC" impersonation. Love the giraffe dress!

Trish Regan: Fresh faced beauty knows her stuff

Coming soon: Beatles Complete BBC Sessions, Quiet Riot II, Beck "Guero", Meat Puppets "Up On The Sun", Led Zeppelin and women of CNBC2.

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