Sunday, June 03, 2012

Apps & Things

Using my HTC Wildfire S Android phone and of course the MikePad. So that means I am using a lot of apps. Here's what I have been doing: Instagram: Don't really get the fuss.Other than FB bought it for a billion dollars. I guess it is a neat way to share pictures and edit quickly. Snapseed: I love this. Another photo app. Easier to edit than Instagram in my opinion. More options. The pic in this post was done with this app. G+: Google Plus app- G+ is really wide open. I love the live Hangouts. Posts to your You Tube account when finished Sun-Times E-Paper app: I like to read the paper in the morning on the train into the office. I had a subscription to the Wall Street Journal paper, but that ran out and to renew @ full price was more than I wanted to spend. I decided to try the Sun-Times E-paper and I love it. It is available 15 mins before I leave and only takes about 5 minutes to download. TuneIn: Great radio app. NOAA, Police Scanner type stuff,college & commercial radio. Skype: Have it on the MikePad. I have had a Skype account for a couple of years, I am not usually on-line with it on my PC, however, I had it online on the MikePad and some woman from a foreign country called me and told me she was looking for "honest, caring, kind man" I told her she got the wrong guy as I am a liar, self-centered misogynistic, mean guy.


Anonymous said...

You think you are very Anthony Bourdain,stop trying so hard and forget about yourself!!!

Karan Singh said...

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