Friday, July 09, 2010

Celebrity Update-Kim Kardashian's Butt

Hi I'm Kim Kardashian's butt. Not Kim, but her booty. You may wonder why I am using this lowly blog. It is because I am hungry. Hungry for attention! Why can't ESPN or E! or Bravo do a one hour special on me? Did you know that in some 3rd world countries, I am used as a substitute for the gold standard? Or that I can influence the stock market simply by having my right cheek point up or down. I almost had a historic peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis until Madeline Albright's booty butted in. (I am being generous by calling that a booty instead of what it really is a, battleship). Here are some things I am not: A role model or educated. Although I am well rounded. Well gotta go. Somewhere someone wants to make a pilgrimage to me like a healing visit to the Lourdes Shrine. Here's the MikePod:

Cracker: "Cracker"
Lightning Hopkins: "Complete Alladin Recordings"
Snow Patrol: "Eyes Open"
Steve Miller Band: "Complete Greatest Hits"
Ultra Vivid Scene: "Rev"

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