Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Mr. T Encounter

In the excitement of Thanksgiving (as I call it Mr. T. giving)I forgot to post the time I saw Mr. T. in person. It was around 1990-1991, summer. I was in downtown Chicago by the federal plaza and I saw ahead of me as I was walking a red Rolls Royce convertible with the Il. plates of "Mr.T" I thought "what dork would have that for a plate" and I noticed the driver had a mandinka and was African American. I got to the corner and looked to the street on the right and noticed it was the Great T. himself. He smiled and we waved @each other. Then other people saw him and started getting excited. He was downtown because the previous person who had his plates accumulated tickets and his car got the Denver boot.
I'll have to post some other celebrity encounters that I have had.

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