Sunday, November 12, 2006

Transition Update 2

My new #10 stationery & window envelopes are shipped and should be in Monday/Tuesday. My first page is in production, I expect end of the week. I have another vendor working on this product, I hope to see by Friday. I also have this vendor doing #9 & #10 Business Reply Envs, I hope to see this along with invoices by Friday as well.

The new company business cards for the Partners are all ordered and have already started to come in. I expect all cards in by Friday. Then we will look @ordering cards and possibly note pads to staff below Partner.

I am using Mobile DB to track the new company cards as well as notepads for the original company on my Palm TX & TE. I am considering buying a fuller featured DB like Smart List to Go to synch W/Access. I need to think of how I would use.

I also order toner for our printers and we have 12-13 Tax Return printers located on 4 floors. I modified an Excel sheet, synched w/Docs to Go to tally up how many LJ 8100, LJ4250 toners to order and how many spent toners to be picked up for recycling.

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