Saturday, October 04, 2008

Baseball Fever

Nice to see both Chicago teams in the playoffs. Not so nice to see them run over by trucks. As a Sox fan, I wore my Konerko jersey to work on Friday and in all black. See photo. Didn't help. The Bears are 2-0 when I wear the Erik Kramer jersey, 0-2 with the new Hester jersey. Guess what I am wearing Sunday. The Cubs are reaping what they have sown by just being considered programming for WGN TV and Radio. Now they actually have to perform. The Sox are paying for being on Channel 44 for years when nobody could see them. One night of programming on Channel 44 had more snow than the blizzard of 79. That reminds me when they started ON-TV and you tried to watch the scrambled signal for a boob and I don't mean Bill O'Reilly. Yeah c'mon you did too.

And why is Harry Caray still being promoted like he is Hendrix? I don't care who is in town to promote their awful booktvshowmoviealbum by singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

Alright, enough of my maladjusted (I used to use that as a radio name in college) ranting and on to the record:


Coverdale/Page: Good Zeppelin Tribute band

Whitesnake: Saints and Sinners: Good Zeppelin tribute band

David Lee Roth: Skyscraper: Good Van Halen tribute band

Game Theory: Big Shot Chronicles: Great alternative indie rock from the 80's.

Still working on the celebrity encounters I've had. Beer brought to me by

Tetley's I dropped my shitty Tracphone in the liquorstore. I was mesmerized by the sign that said "Schlitz now in coolers!" I thought they are branching out, but then I figured that instead of wine coolers, they acutally had the beer in the coolers. I came back a little later and picked up my phone. It's a shitty phone, but it's my shitty phone.
Coming soon: Celebrity encounters and Volume one of "Things I Can't Stand Lately"

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