Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Summer!

I am damn glad that the warm weather is upon us. This past winter was awful. It lasted from mid-November until like April 15. So Mikey's agenda includes lots of beer, shorts, and riding my new bike. Maybe I can pick up a paper route for a few bucks. I also like watching ME-TV and Me-Too on my HDTV. I may never leave the house again. I'll have other musings about HDTV soon. I am working on the next video blog. It might be a send up of a well known cable personality. Here's the business:


John Lennon, The Life

On the MikePod:
Beatles: "Yesterday & Today"
Nirvana: "Roma"
Wolfmother: "Wolfmother"
Jimi Hendrix: "Cry Of Love"

News brought to me by Erin Mendez, beer by Miller High Life

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