Wednesday, June 24, 2009

John Callaway passes away

John Callaway, a legendary Chicago journalist passed away yesterday. I have a connection to him. Mr. Callaway did the commencement speech @ my graduation from college in 1986. We also had Ann Landers speak. Anyway, John gave a brilliant speech. I was the Station Manager/Program Director of the campus radio station. My car was parked in front of it. I went out to the car a little while after the ceremony and parked next to me was a Chevette and who should be getting into it? John Callaway. I thanked him for the speech and we shook hands.

Years later, I obtained a videotape of that ceremony and mailed a copy to Mr. Callaway @channel 11. I got a nice note from him. I have it somewhere, one of these days I'll post it.

This is about as serious as I ever get here. Coming soon:

The saga of Elizabeth Becton, and a review of Paula's Party

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