Friday, June 26, 2009

Some People Should Say Yes To Drugs.

Ed McMahon (Hi Yo!), John Callaway, Farrah (Forke? Franklin?, like she needs a last name) and Michael Jackson. Enough of the dead and dying, time to make with the funny.

So Elizabeth Becton does not like to be called Liz. Like batshit crazy does not want to be called Liz. She works for a congressman and is in charge of his schedule. A hapless staff person @ a lobbying firm was trying to set up a meeting with the congressman she supports and addresses Ms. Becton as Liz. Ms. Becton over the course of 19 emails (19!)berated this person over this terrible misstep. Now it is all over the Internet. If I was Ms. Becton here's how I would try to go forward:

1) Commit to having a solid bowel movement. I mean battle ship (battleshit?) size. In fact, I would commit to one each day. A dump a day keeps the anger away.
2) A nice long vacation. Perhaps an amish bed and breakfast. No TV, No Internet, no instant coffee, no informal naming.
3) Counseling. Better yet, some people should say yes to drugs.

On a lighter (not for cigarettes) note. My birthday is this July 1. I have some things I want to achieve and experience. As a result, I am going to take a break from this blog. However, I think this blog should go on while I am away. Therefore, I have engaged some interesting people to continue while I find myself. Or someone else. This will take affect after the July 4th weekend. Feel free to comment @

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Dan said...

right you are sir, there are many who should say yes to drugs. a little psychological counseling would go a long way too. way to shoot yourself in the foot, Liz. or as Sgt.Hulka would say: "lighten up, Francis!" my own dear mudders name is Elizabeth, which I think is a truly lovely, feminie and almost romantic moniker. but Mum insists all call her Betty because she is afraid someone will call her Liz, which as she has explained, sounds too much like 'Lesbian'. frightening, huh? but the old girl is 80 and Lord knows what type of social stigma / taboo 'confirmed bachelor' types had when Mum was young. things change. nowadays, as Peter from Family Guy once said: "everybody gay!". Just Say Yes. I'd vote for that.