Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Past Posts

Hi. It's me Mikey, from about 1980. See how damaged I was from the Carter years? Any who I have used a time machine to post to this Intronut thing because my 43 year old self apparently has better things to do. If I know myself well and I think I do, he is probably sitting somewhere beering it up and complaining about the government full time. Did you know I am on Facebook? Don't ask me. We just got rid of our
1950's Westinghouse TV. I wonder if in the year 2009 there will be flying cars, free porn and robot body guards to beat up the bullies who don't like mouthy skinny kids. The primary reason for my post today is to report on my future sound device. Kinda like a Walkman on steroids. It is called the MikePod:

Steely Dan: "The Royal Scam"
The Police: "Synchronicity"
REM: "Reckoning"
Meat Puppets: "Monsters"
Replacements: "Let It Be"
Public Image Ltd: "9"
Beach Boys: "Good Vibrations Box Disc 3"
Midnight Oil: "Diesel & Dust"

Send me an email Don't hold your breath, It will be about 30 years in the future before I read it.

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